How to enlarge the penis at home?

How to enlarge the penis at home? Most men are aware of penis enlargement and often pay attention to insufficient penis size. For some, a small penis becomes a real phobia and interferes with normal relationships with women. Due to low self-esteem, problems arise in bed. To get rid of them, many methods and drugs were invented. This review will help you understand the effectiveness of each of them.

measuring a penis before enlarging it using the example of a banana

Gradation and strict norms for male members do not exist. There is a large size range within which all penises are normal. A deviation is considered a length of less than eight centimeters in an erection state for adult men. Larger organs are quite normal from a medical point of view, and here everyone decides for himself whether he has a normal or small penis. Some role in defining normalcy is played by partner requests and ethical considerations. Doctors say that during intercourse, the length of the penis does not affect the partners receiving an orgasm.

The penis is very sensitive to physical influences. As a result of practical experiments, scientists have proved that regular sexual intercourse with partners who have a narrow vagina leads to a decrease in the size of a man's penis within 2 months. If such a rapid decrease is possible, why not try the opposite, but it is necessary to increase the penis in all cases?

First, let's deal with penis size. Caucasian males have sex organs that are 12-16 cm long and 3-4 cm in diameter when erect. If the reader of these lines has a penis size in this range, he will not have any physical problems. In the foreground, here is the psychological attitude. If, however, the desire to increase the length of the organ has not disappeared, you can read the article further. Below we have gathered the most interesting and effective methods to enlarge the penis. Here are some of them:

  • jelqing;
  • Surgical intervention;
  • The impact of massage;
  • Using suspension weights for stretching;
  • take medication;
  • extender;
  • Using a vacuum pump;
  • The use of ointments, gels, sprays;
  • Mouthpiece on a member.

The best results are always shown by an integrated approach to problem solving. You don't have to wait for instant growth. Of great importance is the regularity of exercises and perseverance, then the result will be positive.

a woman is surprised by the increase in the size of a man's penis

Is it possible to enlarge the penis on its own?

Some men do not trust simple methods applicable at home. Numerous advertisements sometimes exaggerate with a description of speed and efficiency. The main thing here is to choose a method suitable for a man, which will not be a waste of effort, time and money.

man with enlarged penis


The technique of influencing the genitals originated in the Middle East. It has been used successfully since ancient times also in India and Africa. A peculiar set of exercises is sometimes called "milking" because of the characteristic movements. The technique is time-tested and has many positive results. The manual impact after a certain time helps to increase the length of the penis.

To start using this method, you must first buy a suitable lubricant and follow the instructions. Several variants of the milking technique have been developed. During the procedure, the limb must be in a state of incomplete erection, 60-75% is sufficient. The physiological effect occurs due to the additional blood flow and increased blood circulation.

Within each male organ are many corpora cavernosa. The Jelqing massage technique acts on them, stretching along their length. After a few months of intense exercise, the size of the corpora cavernosa begins to increase, so that during an erection they can hold more blood. A greater volume of blood in the penis will cause an increase in length. There are many methods of "milking" by the Jelqing method. Instructions are published on the Internet or can be taken from specialized literature. There are even instructional videos. Consider here some well-known and effective exercises.

1 exercise

Before starting the procedure, the corpora cavernosa need to be warmed up. This will increase the elasticity of the walls. The operation is carried out in any possible way. You can heat up some coarse salt or cereal in a pan, pour them into a cloth bag or a regular sock, and tie them up so they don't fall apart. Then the resulting heating pad is applied to the penis and heated from different sides.

After that, an erection of the penis is caused, but not complete. The prepared lubricant is applied to the genitals. The fingers of one hand cover the organ at the base to form a tight ring and with slow movements direct the hand towards the head, as if stretching the penis. The finger ring should not loosen along the way. It is not necessary to change to the head during the procedure. The first time, 40 moves are enough, so gradually their number should be increased to 200.

Exercise 2

In this method, pressure on the organ is performed not with the fingers, but with the palm of the hand. The penis is well covered and compressed for 10 seconds. No more pressure needed. If the width of the palm does not overlap the length of the organ, you can use the second hand. During compression, the limb is in turn directed left, right, up and down. You can change the sequence arbitrarily. The force of pressure on the penis should be strong, but it is not necessary to bring it to painful sensations so as not to harm the soft tissues. Judging by the comments of those who have tried this technique, after a few months the length of the organ can increase by 2 cm.


The use of massage does not require financial costs and is quite suitable for the conditions of the house. Many men try this organ augmentation technique. The method allows you to lengthen the penis, make it more massive and has a good effect on increasing male potency.

A prerequisite before starting the procedure is to warm up the penis. The easiest way is to take a small towel, dip it in warm water and wrap your genitals. A few minutes later, the procedure is repeated. This needs to be done three times. A warm compress will warm the soft tissues and enhance the massage effect. In the genitals, blood circulation will increase and the skin will become more elastic.

Various massage methods have been developed. Some recommend working with an organ in a state of erection, others with a weakened penis. Both procedures can be seen in the videos and choose the option that is right for you. The chosen technique must be used systematically to obtain a positive result.

load suspension

The technique uses a strong stretching of the penis due to a large static load. The method, if used inaccurately, is fraught with negative consequences and soft tissue injuries. The walls of the corpora cavernosa and the ligaments of the penis, when hanging loads, are subjected to a heavy load and stretched along their length. Penis volume does not increase with this technique. For starters, you can find suitable videos on the Internet and see what is happening on the screen.

Before hanging loads, the sexual organ must be warmed up. Then, behind the head of the penis, with the help of a tape, a cord is fixed, on which a load is already hung. Start with light weight. The procedure is performed for the first time in just 25 minutes. In subsequent sessions, the sleep time and payload size are gradually increased. Mounting and weight should not cause head numbness. If this happens, the load will be reduced. With the help of hanging weights, the penis is not only lengthened, but also aligned.


The device in the process of application stretches the soft tissues, the body resists and, to get rid of the discomfort, begins to build muscle mass. As a result of exposure, the sexual organ grows, increasing in size. The advantages of the technique include the consistency of the result. An extended member will no longer return to its previous state. The procedure with the extender is carried out for several hours daily.

According to the mode of action, the devices are: vacuum, belt and strap. The latter are cheaper but inferior in ease of use to other types. The choice of option depends on the preferences of the man himself. To see and feel the method of working with the extender, you must first watch videos with different use cases and stop at one. Each method has its positive and negative characteristics.

pump vacuum

The device according to the method of operation resembles a pump familiar to everyone. It is successfully used not only to lengthen the penis, but also for medical purposes to increase potency. The pump also helps in cases where the natural erection does not reach the parameters necessary for the normal continuation of sexual intercourse. The included device creates a vacuum around the penis, which increases blood flow and erection.

Before starting the procedure, the penis is lubricated with a special ointment and inserted into the opening of the device. Then the unit is turned on and air is pumped out of the space between the organ and the cylinder walls. The male member is in a low pressure zone. Blood begins to flow to the tissues in an enhanced way, filling the vacant space. At the same time, male dignity increases in size. The pressure is controlled by the built-in manometer and maintained within the specified parameters according to the instructions. The technique can be seen in the Internet video.

An increase in the length and volume of the penis is not permanent, so it is best to use the method before intercourse begins as a measure to improve potency. Despite the temporality, many men periodically use this technique to increase the size of the organ and obtain a good erection. Vacuum equipment can be found in specialty stores and pharmacies.

Ointments, creams, gels and sprays

On the web and in the press, a lot of attention is paid to these organ enlargement tools. They are convenient and easy to use, but high efficiency is quite unlikely. Experts do not have a common opinion, but some effect is still observed. The issue is in the convenience of buying with such an insignificant opportunity to increase the length of the penis.

The impact on the genitals does not depend on the form of drug dispensing and can be of the following types:

  • Short term. The remedy is used before the beginning of sexual intercourse, the action continues until it ends;
  • Long term. Preparations are used to increase length over a long period;
  • Assistant. It is used in combination with other drugs.

In the first case, the effectiveness of the method is justified. The task assigned to him is performed. For a rush of blood to the genitals, special heating additives are used, which are part of the preparations. As a result, blood flow increases, the head and the penis itself swell.

Long-term action with the help of chemicals alone has not yet been clinically proven. Numerous rave reviews on the Web are likely paid for by manufacturers or sellers. A miracle cure without the use of other methods will not lead to a positive result. You can apply ointments and creams in addition to massage or extender. In this case, the effect will be persistent. The complex technique is confirmed by clinical trials by scientists and practical use by men.


Not every man will replace his sex organ with the surgeon's scalpel. The above techniques are less effective than surgery, but are much cheaper. The cost of operation is quite high.

In surgery, several methods of resizing are used: increasing length and volume. A conventional operation allows you to increase the masculinity by up to 4 cm. They are performed in specialized institutions under local anesthesia. Good experts minimize the probability of a negative result, but does everyone decide on this? Maybe it's better to use less extreme methods to start with? The risk is minimal and the savings are in your face.


Special devices are sold in stores and can help during intercourse. Its use allows you to increase not only the length, but also the thickness of the manhood at any time. Open and closed devices were developed. The second is better for intercourse. For the manufacture of soft elastic silicone or latex. They feel very similar to real leather.

Some models increase the male organ by up to 10 cm. The more moderate ones allow you to lengthen the penis by 3-6 cm. The sensitivity of the penis during intercourse decreases and the length increases. If harmony reigns in sexual relationships with a partner, you can sometimes use these attachments to heighten feelings. On the Internet, there are comments from women about the use of nipples during sexual intercourse.


As you can see, there are enough methods to lengthen male dignity: from the simplest and least expensive to the most effective and expensive. They should only be used in cases where problems with the length of the penis interfere with normal sex life. For the sake of experiment, you should not try them on, because size is bestowed on men by nature and this should be a source of pride.