Penis Enlargement Techniques

The size of a man's penis is a matter of pride: the bigger, the more confident the stronger sex representative feels. But what about those guys whose penis size and volume leave a lot to be desired? These men are looking for a method or means of enlarging the penis, which brings them closer to the estimated parameters and increases their self-esteem. There are several of these techniques, and which one to choose depends on the person's personal preferences.

girl measures a guy's penis size

Massage and exercises to enlarge the penis

The most reliable and effective way to enlarge the penis is a penile massage using a special technique. It is called "jelqing", which means "milking" in English. This effective method has been known for several centuries, which confirms its effectiveness. The result with the regular performance of certain actions will be noticeable in 2 to 3 weeks, and will not consist only of an increase in the volume of the penis.

Important!!!Unlike other non-radical techniques, jelqing has a very significant advantage - even after you stop exercising, the increase in penis size remains, that is, the setback in this method is very insignificant.

Penis massage is marked with the following results:

  • lengthening the penis and increasing its volume;
  • increased erection;
  • increased libido;
  • prevention of diseases of the reproductive system.

Starting to increase your dignity with the self-massage method, you should do it regularly for several months. So the results will be decent and will last for a long time. The jelqing technique is very simple and easy to master. Before starting the exercises, the groin area must be well warmed up. This can be done with the help of a hot shower or bath, a visit to the sauna, or simply wrap a warm towel around your thighs for a few minutes. Ideally, any massage should be performed after the procedures with water.

Important!!!A prerequisite for a successful massage is intimacy. Before starting the procedure, make sure that no one will disturb the patient during the procedure: family members, phone calls, acquaintances and neighbors. Only by relaxing and tuning in to classes can you achieve an effective effect.

Self-massage technique

When the body is warm and the man is in the mood for a pleasant procedure, you can start jelqing. To do this, the penis must be placed in a semi-erect state: the penis must be half-standing. It is impossible to leave the penis in full readiness for combat: during the massage, the penis stretches and, with it, the blood arteries. If the latter is completely filled with blood, there is a risk of damage or rupture. Therefore, when overexcited, you must be a little distracted so that your erection decreases. Then, a lubricant is applied to the hands or genitals.

It can be a lubricant sold in a pharmacy or store, massage oil or a special product to enlarge the penis. As a last resort, a normal baby cream will do. The main condition is that the lubricant is hypoallergenic and sufficiently hydrates the skin. Its main task is to facilitate hand movements and prevent possible injury and damage to the penis.

Important!!!Do not use soap, shower gel, shampoo or household cleaning products as a lubricant. These products have a different acidity than the acidity of the skin, which can cause peeling and redness of the skin, rashes and, in severe cases, chemical burns on the skin of the penis.

Now you can start the massage. It works like this:

  1. With warm, oiled hands, you need to grab the penis like this: make a ring with your index finger and thumb and place it at the root of the penis.
  2. The palm of the other hand is placed on the head of the penis.
  3. The ring of the fingers is clamped tightly and pulled up to the head of the penis, thus pulling on the dignity itself.
  4. On the head, the hand is relaxed and with a stroking motion of the palms, they lower it down again to the root of the penis.
hanging weight for penis enlargement

These exercises must be performed within 10-15 minutes. If there is a complete erection during the massage, it is necessary to take measures to reduce it. Hands can be changed periodically so they don't get tired. With daily exercises for a month, significant changes in the size of masculinity can be noticed. The improved blood supply will not only help to stretch the cavernous bodies of the penis (due to which it will increase), but also to eliminate congestion in the small pelvis, which will prevent prostatitis, prostate adenoma and many other diseases of the reproductive system inmen.

Suspended weighting technique

Another old way to help increase the size of the main male organ is to hang a load on it. This method is common among the peoples of Africa: a weight is tied to the boy's penis and he walks with him until maturity. Each year the weight of the load increases, and when a young man becomes an adult, his penis reaches an impressive size. Today, any man can use this technique if he is familiar with the nuances of this procedure. The disadvantage of this technique can be considered the fact that the method can only lengthen the dignity, but it cannot make it thicker.

Before starting to perform this procedure, you must carefully study its nuances and characteristics, since the method is traumatic. It, like other non-radical methods of penis enlargement, requires regularity and systematicity.

Important!!!You should start with a minimum weight and listen carefully to your feelings. If there is discomfort or pain, the weight should be reduced. If the load is spent without discomfort, it can be increased.

Before you start hanging, you should also warm up or warm up the groin area. For this purpose, jelqing performed for 3-5 minutes is adequate. The device to which the weight is placed can be purchased at a specialized store - it is not recommended to manufacture it in improvised media. It is always necessary to start with the minimum weight that comes with the device, and when the load stops acting, it becomes heavier. After the time foreseen for the transportation of the cargo is finished, the device is removed and a massage is performed again, this time soothing. This method is quite dangerous, and the result of its use must be expected for a long time. Classes must be held daily, gradually increasing not only the load, but also the duration of the load transport. To approximate the desired result, the device can be used not only in the vertical position, but also lying down, periodically changing the position of the body and sitting. All of these difficulties often frighten representatives of the strong sex, and they prefer more effective and easier methods of increasing their dignity.

Application of special devices

penis enlargement extender

An alternative to hanging weights is to use an extender. It is a modern way to lengthen and increase the volume of the penis, which was designed taking into account all the disadvantages of the previous method. In addition to elongation and thickening of the penis, the possibility of injury when using the extender is minimal - there is a risk only if the instructions for use are not followed.

Three types of extenders have been developed for today:

  • loopback;
  • waist;
  • universal.

Another advantage of the extender is its accessibility: the price of these devices is accessible to any man. The first results of using the device will be noticed a few weeks after the first procedure. Using the device for 5 to 6 hours a day, you can enlarge your penis by several centimeters and consolidate this result for many years. The explanation for this result is simple: after stretching, the tissues are covered with new cells, which makes it possible to obtain new sizes. One mistake when using the device is to over-tighten. This is not worth it, since the blood flow is compressed and the desired effect does not occur. A loose cuff is also not acceptable, as this can lead to the loss of the extender when worn.

penis enlargement with an extender

The notches on the device will help to determine the "golden medium": it is in them that it is worthwhile to repair the device. It is worth starting with the first marks, eventually moving to the distant notches. The extender is used for several hours, but must be removed periodically: the ideal time for use and rest is one hour and 15 minutes. If the device is used in accordance with the instructions, the results will soon arrive.

Whichever way a man decides to enlarge his penis, it can be complemented with special cosmetics. It is usually purchased with stretching devices. They can be creams or ointments based on ingredients that improve blood flow. With their individual application, the effect will have to wait a long time, but they are perfectly capable of effectively complementing the massage or extender.