How to increase the volume of a member. Only real and effective ways

A big dick is the result of thickening techniques

Many men are interested in penis enlargement.Practice confirms that it is possibleand there are some methods that don't even require a man to leave the house and pay for it.

Each of the thickening methods needs to be considered in more detail. Considering its advantages, weigh the pros and cons of either option and make a final decision.

when to do

Before talking about how to increase the diameter of the penis, it is worth specifying the indications for such manipulations.

  • first indication- Insufficient diameter, which does not allow you to obtain pleasure during sex and interfere with sexual intercourse.
  • Second- emotional and psychological dissatisfaction with the diameter, which caused isolation and problems in the sexual sphere of everyday life.

Both indications apply to all variants of penis thickening.

Although the reason for changing the width of the penis does not limit how the result can be achieved, there is one limitation that will definitely not allow the operation to be performed.
That limitation is psychological counseling. If a medical worker notices that the problem lies in the perception of the body's own details. A man will not be satisfied with even an excellent result, nor will a single surgeon perform the operation. BUTthis query is mandatory.before discussing surgical intervention.

How to increase the diameter of the penis: real ways

A woman will be surprised at the size of her penis

We list several options for penis enlargement in diameter:

  • Creams - like ointments, gels and sprays, are represented by a natural set of ingredients, most often they are almost transparent or whitish substances.
  • Ointments are colorless or off-white remedies that target not only thickening but also additional effects such as increased sensitivity;
  • Gels are transparent or slightly turbid substances, mostly odorless or with a slight aroma of the ingredients;
  • Sprays are colorless substances, mostly odorless;
  • The exercises are easy to do at home. They are performed simply, by hand;
  • Bombs are a readily available device, purchased either online or at the local intimates store;
  • Attachments - just like bombs are easy to find in sex shops. However, unlike pumps, they do not give a long-term effect, but only allow you to get organ thickening and stretching during sex;
  • The operation is the most proven method that requires money and serious moral preparation.

Each of these options is beneficial in its own way.

The essence of the methods and their advantages

Creams, ointments and gels

The thickening of the penis with creams, ointments, gels, sprays and tablets can be combined in a group of products applied superficially, that is, on the skin. All of them are conditionally divided into three groups:

  • Short term, their effect is observed exclusively during sex and they are applied only before the onset of intimacy;
  • Big ones, which give results for a significant time, are usually used in courses for at least a month;
  • Assistant, these substances allow you to increase the effect of exercises, pumps or massages and are used only in combination with these methods.

The principle of action of such drugs is exactly the same,aims to dilate the vessels of the penis.Blood flow increases and the corpora cavernosa expand. This gives a thickening effect.

The indisputable advantage of gels, creams, ointments, sprays is that they are applied to the skin and are quickly absorbed. You don't need to spend long minutes rubbing on your application.They leave no marks on the outside.


The exercises are diverse, and for men who choose this answer to the question "how to increase the volume of the penis", many options open up for other actions.

For example, there is an exercise essentially similar to milking (jelqing). For him, man seekssemi-erect state of the penisand press it with the thumb and forefinger, closed in the form of a ring, around the root.

The Jelqing Technique Will Help Enlarge the Penis

Slowly, he makes a movement towards the head, gradually increasing the pressure of the fingers. Already close to the head of the change of hand. Suchthe procedure is simple and takes no more than 10-15 minutes.

There is another exercise, no less simple, which only takes 5 minutes. It is intended to thicken the head and shaft of the penis. With one hand, the man grasps the penis by the root and, with the thumb and forefinger, also closed in a ring, as in the first exercise, he fixes the area under the head. Then he pulls the member down, to the right, to the left. It is important that there are no painful sensations.

The advantage of the exercise is that it does not require any investment of money.And the time spent on its implementation is short enough that it won't cause big problems in building a daily schedule.

The use of the pump guarantees an increase in the size of the penis


Pumps are pumps, the result of which is achieved by creating a vacuum around the penis, which increases blood flow to it and causes the corpora cavernosa to expand due to the abundance of blood vessels.

These devices are quite easy to use. The pump is placed on the penis, fixed and, with the help of a pear, negative pressure is injected. At the same time, the pressure gauge will not allow you to get carried away and cause pain, since with it you can easily track the required pressure level.

The advantage of pumps is their relatively low price and ease of use..


Nipples are a very popular option for anyone who is urgently thinking about how to increase their penis size. They areused during sexand it just gives a feeling of enlargement of the penis, which allows you to have a vivid sexual intercourse.

Penis accessory for size increase during sex

In addition, a wide variety of materials, shapes, colors allow you to add enthusiasm to sexual intercourse and improve it. Nipples are thickening or elongating. It will be helpful for a beginner to get familiar with the features of your application.

Penis enlargement surgery guarantees results


Operation -the most radical, however, the only method that gives exactly the result that the man plans.

Surgical intervention options for penis thickening:

  • muscle tissue transplant, performed with the collection of material from the armpit or the muscles of the press;
  • lipofilling, consists of displacing the patient's fatty tissue from the problem areas under the skin of the penis;
  • gel implants, a very promising option for which hypoallergenic materials are used.

The undoubted advantage of the operation is that it immediately gives the desired result without exercises, ointments, creams and pumps.

what to end up choosing

Penis Enlargement Optionsvaried, a man has a wide choice. He can be guided during the decision making by his financial capabilities and the speed of obtaining the result.

If there is no rush to make a decision,you can fully appreciate all the positive and negative sidesthose methods that appealed more than others.